The Value of Tereticornis

            During the flood only one tereticornis was lost which had already been on a                   30 degree angle and had been a signpost to our property when crossing on the Moggill Ferry. It may have been compromised during the 1974 flood as the base of its trunk was close to the waterline.

After the 2011 flood some amazing views of tereticornis roots were revealed only to show how extensive and deep the rest of their root system must be in order to anchor their towering tops during high wind. Not all the erosion could have happened in this last flood as  some of the roots had an old dead appearance.

Regardless of when the erosion occurred, the enormous loss of soil that is now evident means that perhaps there will never be a way of restoring the bank to its former dimensions. However there are many measures that we are taking to mitigate against further loss.

 We have had a campaign to plant many more tereticornis in places that are vulnerable to more soil erosion along the riverbanks.

  The leaves appear to be quite big in relation to the size of the new plant as compared to the thin leaves of the mature tereticornis. One day, hopefully, it too will become another giant guardian along the river.


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