Cinematic of Moggill Haven For Sale

We first bought this property because of its natural beauty.


Over 13 years we have worked to re-establish bushland along the river frontage and to create dense gardens around the two houses. The original cottage was moved to overlook the Brisbane River and was renovated with a large veranda on three sides. We have planted specimen trees up the long driveway and in the front paddock. We have built a dam in the side paddock and have planted more natives there as well as improving the grass. The mature trees and rolling lawns now provide a sense of a lovely parkland on the high part of the property and the vast number of plants have given the homes added seclusion.

We joined the Moggill Creek Catchment Group in 2005 and became members of ‘Land for Wildlife’ in 2009. In this way we became more and more interested in growing native habitat that would encourage native wildlife. It has been a joy to see an increase in the presence of wildlife due to the growth of native plants especially along the river bank. Over the years we have identified more and more of the abundant birdlife that come to the property because of the variety of figs, fruit, berries, seeds, nuts, insects and worms. We have our own photos of an Eastern Water Dragon, a Bearded Dragon, a Bandicoot, an Echidna, a Little Kingfisher, a Short-necked Turtle…you can check out the wildlife by exploring this website.

We will especially remember all the times we sat outside looking out over the different vistas  –

the sweeping lawns with splashes of colour from the many grevilleas, the shady glade near the giant eucalyptus on the northern side, the flocks of birds singing as they swoop homeward in the late afternoons, the refreshing north-easterly breeze from the river on summer afternoons, the families of ducks flying onto the dam, a trusting pair of young magpies as well as a young butcherbird and kookaburra learning to pounce on grubs in the lawn close to the house, watching the massive White Fig be transformed each spring with pale green leaves, the deep red sunsets through the trunks of the river gums on the opposite bank of the river, the stillness of the evenings.

To see this glorious landscape you can fly over the property (3855 Moggill Rd, Moggill) with this cinematic by iNVISAGE Media:

(Originally we gave the agency to another agency but we have now placed it with

Johnston Dixon Quality Property)

We feel privileged to have lived in such a beautiful position on the river and to have lived in the shadow of so many magnificent trees. We feel we have enhanced the beauty of the place and that much of the hard work of developing native habitat has been achieved. We now wish to live in the city where we can go on extended travels to various family members without the setting up arrangements for watering, weeding, mowing and feeding animals.

We have developed a haven for native plants and animals on this property but Moggill Haven has also imprinted its beauty on our minds forever.

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1 Response to Cinematic of Moggill Haven For Sale

  1. Kristina says:

    It’s been so lovely following your progress at Moggill. Best wishes for the next adventure!

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