Golly they’ve grown!

There has been amazing growth of the plants in the bays since the flood 2011. In 1 year and 1 month (from May/June 2011 to June/July 2012) the plants have shot up as these 2 photos show.

Gums, wattles, she-oaks, sandpaper figs, lomandras, bottlebrushes, tuckeroos…all kinds of indigenous plants that obviously love the soil, the position (in the past we have not had good success with plants on the bank facing westwards), the micro-climate next to the river and the weather over the past 13 months – persistent rain (we watered in July, August, September and one last time in October to make sure they were well established – but since then they have flourished on their own, however we did need to keep slashing back the grass around them).

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1 Response to Golly they’ve grown!

  1. Kristina says:

    Amazing what some rain does!

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