February 2012

Ian is cutting back the grass along bays then in groves to encourage more growth of the 100’s of plants we have raised since May/ June 2011

Bought kamakiri sharpeners and another kamakiri

Bought stronger fencing wire for guarding figs in front paddock and barricaded the figs against horses

Ian mowing both paddocks as well as home enclosure – Cub Cadet serviced

I am spraying sections of nutgrass (weed) that occur in some areas of our garden beds and I am spray-painting that ground or stakes with pink

Identifying two types of grass that are intruding into the couch and carpet grass. Pulling/digging them outdigging out bad grass a little each day. Starting with the front lawn.

Sighting of  male and female figbirds in poincianas and figtrees – we use the book ‘Wildlife of Greater Brisbane’ to be sure of identification

I am transplanting dianellas, sandpaper figs and native hollies from the lawn and around established figs and transplanting some into Danny’s garden or potting them up for watering at our expanded workbench at the house

Ian putting identification tags on new plants straight away

7th Feb – storm – another 13 ml rain

Went to MCCG (Moggill Creek Catchment Group) and SGAN (Society for Growing Australian Natives) meetings

More planting on northern slope using old blinds instead of carpet – gradually decreasing the gap in bush on the northern slope

Noticing the hollies, kamala, sandpapers that have spontaneously regenerated around the grandfather tereticornis

Realising when taking photos and examining closely that the three older sandpaper figs are opposita (more rare then other types in this area) and the one fig at bottom of track which snapped off is resprouting and seems to be a coronata. The only fraseri figs seem to be the ones we have deliberately planted otherwise all the new figs that have been springing up are either opposita or coronata

8th Feb another 12 ml

Noticed that superba and other glossy figs dead at top of pontoon bank – even though they had flourished for so long on their own the last lot of heat without rain for a month or so must have been too much – perhaps we will plant kamalas, hollies, flame trees, gums etc on pontoon bank from now on

Figbirds in poinciana at river gate

9.5 ml on 11th Feb

12th Feb another 8 ml

Weeding in the ferry garden, collecting the Wandering Jew in a large plastic bag

Spraying for weeds

3  beautiful zinneas in pot near hose are flowering

Ian transferring all the bromeliads from triangle garden to under the two western figs and altering the triangle garden to become more native – carpet python disturbed by removal of bromeliads

Planting glossy-leaved figs – 3 – down on riverfront area steps to pontoon, grass almost impenetrable. Whipper-snippering and weeding glycine to attempt to prepare the area for planting

Very hot and extremely humid

Watering with dam water the new plants on northern slopes

20th Feb – storm at night – 12ml

Rush-like bushes flowering in triangle garden

Mulch from  Chinese Elms – Ian wheelbarrowing it onto front fence garden and triangle garden

Placing fallen tree branches, mostly poinciana into ditch in ferry garden

Winnie and Chick (guinea fowl) seemed to have flown the coop but come back after 36 hours

Lopping branches from lilly pillies overhanging swimming pool

23rd Feb – 3 ml overnight and patchy rain on 23rd

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